Sunday, 24 December 2017

Palestinian ingenuity

This is a definitive rebuttal to all those ZioNazis who keep trolling us with their ludicrous claims that the Zionists are good at inventing things and helping out people all over the world. It is, in fact, the Palestinians who have been the real innovators:

Sunday, 5 June 2016

How to shoot down Zionist attempts to discredit the BDS movement

The current BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions) campaign against the Zionist State is clearly one of the most noble and righteous causes in history. Yet. incredibly. the ZioNazis have attempted to discredit it by claiming similarities with the Nazi boycott of Jews. This chart will help us all combat these ludicrous attempt to discredit BDS:

Saturday, 4 June 2016

Zionist war crimes in Gaza - more proof

If anybody is looking for even more proof of the despicable Zionist war crimes in Gaza they must watch this film:

Monday, 21 March 2016

New Phone App makes life easy for pro-Palestinian activists

Great news (and I can personally vouch for how good this app is as I've been using the beta version!!!).

The Palestine Solidarity Committee has today issued the following important press release:

"We are delighted to announce the launch of a free app - ZIO-ATTACK - for all pro-Palestinian activists, that will ensure anybody can now maintain a very active social media presence with no effort at all. The app gives users the following options so they can do what all anti-Zionist activists currently have to do manually, namely:

- Attack 
- Lie 
- Cheat
- Bully
- Abuse

In each case the app automatically creates tweets, Facebook messages, emails and even full articles.  So within minutes of downloading you can be harrassing and insulting Jews Zionists everywhere.

The app enables people with no knowledge whatsoever of the Middle East to promote the anti-Zionist narrative with ferocity (not that it stopped anybody before!!). You will never again have to waste time trying to find out anything about what is really going on, because this app automatically generates the truth for you! 

Features include:
  • Automatically post the response "This is just Zionist lies. For truth see <link to PSC website>" on every online report that mentions acts of Palestinian 'terrorism' or Israeli 'deaths'. 
  • Scan the web for graphic images of dead children and bombed cities anywhere in the world and automatically post it to all media outlets with a randomly generated title based on the expressions "What Israel just did to the Palestinians", "Another Israel Massacre", "Zionists target Palestinian babies".
  • Automatically find well written stories about Jewish history and suffering and replace every occurrence of the word Jewish with Palestinian and every occurrence of the word Israel with Palestine.
  • At the touch of a button generate a unique email message that incorporates the statements  "Zionist occupation", "Israel war criminals", "Stop Israel killing Palestinian children"  to be automatically sent to 250,000 email addresses including every MP.
  • At the touch of a button the app will find ever pro-Zionist facebook and twitter message written in the last 24 hours and generate a random response using the expressions "Baby killer" "Fascist Liar", "ZioNazi pig",  "Colonial Occupier".
  • Automatically retweet every new message by George Galloway, Ayatollah Khameini, Ismael Haniye and Hassan Nasrallah
  • Automatically replace the word Jew with Zionist any time you accidentally type it so that nobody can ever accuse you of anti-Semitism. 
  • Heroic anti-Zionist blogger Richard Silverstein: "This app is remarkable in the way it simulates precisely my online behaviour."
  • Baroness Warsi: "This app is a life-saver for me personally, although I am not sure now how I will now spend all my time."
  • Yasmin Alibi Brown: "Wonderful app. It will now enable me to spend even more time writing feature articles where I can equate Zionism with Nazism."
  • Jeremy Corbyn: "I am mandating this app for every member of the Labour party, as it will enable them to spend more of their time physically attacking Zionists".
  • Yachad: "Many of our members have already been using the app and are delighted with the results".
  • Board of Deputies: "While we do not endorse this app, we believe it may well help to achieve the two-state solution that we are all dedicated to"
The Palestine Solidarity Committee gratefully acknowledges grants to the value of $382 million that were used to develop this important app in the fight against Zionist tyranny (from the UK Overseas Aid Budget, the United Nations, the EU Special Fund for Israel Demonization, and the Islamic republic of Iran.). 

Friday, 5 February 2016

Victory at last! United Nations replaces Valentine's Day with Palestine's Day

After years of us campaigning for this the United Nations finally announced that 14 February is no longer to be known as Valentine's Day, and instead will be renamed as Palestine's Day. The move came in response to the ongoing claims - now accepted as the truth - that 14 February was celebrated as Palestine Independence Day by Muslim Arabs every year for 5000 years until 1948 when the Zionists deviously invented 'Valentine's Day' to divert world opinion away from their suppression of Palestinian Muslims.

The move is surprising as everybody knows that the United Nations is under Zionist control. But on this rare occasion the  ruling was unanimously approved by all 59 Muslim nations. Britain's UN Ambassador Matthew Rycroft was instructed by David Cameron to abstain but also cast his vote in favour, since he had not had time to buy his wife a Valentine's Day present this year, and this gave him an excellent get-out. The ruling, which is is now enshrined as international law (and so cannot be challenged) contains the following points of explanation: 
  • It is totally unacceptable that there should be a day in the year when people are encouraged to express their love for people other than the Palestinians. Everybody must understand that the Palestinian people must be the focus for everybody's attention for 365 days of the year - not just 364.
  • Palestine's Day will provide all progressive people in the world with the opportunity and incentive to express their deep love for the Palestinian people by sending cards, tweets and Facebook messages like "Death to Israel and all Zionists", "Destroy the apartheid state of Israel", "Zionism is fascism"
  • Just as on Valentine's Day - when people not sending cards to their partners are exposed as heartless and unloving - anybody who refuses to send a Palestine's Day card will be exposed as a Zionist fascist to be hounded and ridiculed. 
  • Just as on Valentine's Day Muslims are not obliged to participate, although it is recommended that they donate extra charity on this day to Hamas and Hezbollah.
Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (already celebrating the 11th anniversary of his 4-year term of office) was ecstatic saying
 "When the Zionists stole Palestine they also stole the historic Palestine Day. Just as there had been unbroken Arab Muslim rule in Palestine for over 5000 years until 1948 so too had there been an annual world Arab Palestine Day on 14 February for the same period. The Zionists stole that too"
President Obama welcomed the UN decision saying
"Valentine's Day is by definition anti-Islamic and especially anti-Palestinian.  A historic wrong has been put right. Moreover, this now means I know longer have to bother with all the hassle of getting a Valentine's card and gift for Michelle".

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Making Frinton-on-Sea a Zionist-free zone

I am really delighted to announce that I have recently become a patron of the Frinton-on-Sea Palestine Solidarity Committee. I've even helped out with a couple of the events that you can see in this latest flier!!!!!

News and Events this week

Rons’ Record Store in Frinton Close: Following news last week that this shop was selling a copy of “The Israelites” by Desmond Decker, we are mounting a 24-hour vigil to stop anybody entering the store until a) it is permanently closed down b) Ron issues a statement disassociating himself with the Zionist entity ; and c) Ron is evicted from the Old Age Home where he has been living for the past 12 years. Remember: no violence is necessary (rocks through the windows are, however, permissible).

Pensioners Travel in the High Road: As you know this travel agents’ had been advertising cruises that stop at Israel-occupied Haifa. During our non-violent demonstration at the store last week in which we poured 8,000 gallons of red ink representing Palestinian blood on their floor, and burnt every brochure with the word ‘Israel’ in it, we discovered an invoice showing that Mr and Mrs Jones of Frinton Mews have booked a cruise stopping at Haifa for their Golden Wedding Anniversary. Hence see events below.

Starting Monday We will be holding a ‘lock-in’ outside the Jones's bungalow in Frinton Mews. We will peacefully stop anybody leaving or entering the bungalow until the Jones’s cancel their cruise booking  and donate all of the money for the trip (plus an additional donation of £28,000) to the Palestine Foundation for Homicide Bombers.

Tuesday: We are planning a new peaceful tactic called a “scream-in die-in” at Tesco Express on the High Road. Although we succeeded in banning all Zionist products from the store two years ago, the store manager has refused our reasonable request to donate 93% of all future profits from the store to the Palestine Training Centre for Teenage Stabbers. By starving this superb training Centre of desperately needed funding, Tesco is directly contributing to the brutal murder of 1000 Palestinian babies every day by the Zionist occupation forces.  Hence the "scream-in die in" will simulate these murders. Our members will scream for 2 hours and then lie on the floor pretending to be dead babies.

Wednesday: At Frinton Town Hall we will be debating the motion "Zionism is ten times worse than Nazism". Speaking for the motion is the esteemed scholar Farooq Hitler Husain from the Iranian Academy of Anti-Zionism. To demonstrate our fair-mindedness we have invited a Jewess (Hannah Dumbfeld of the Yachad organisation) who will propose the counter-motion "Zionism is only a little bit worse than Nazism".

Thursday: Singing and leafleting in the High Road. We have some exciting new leaflets with beautifully photoshopped images of dead babies and the banner headline: "Israel does this with YOUR tax money". We will be singing for 3 hours non-stop a new version of the song "From the river to the sea Palestine will be free". In this version after each 20 repetitions we will add the words "No Zionists in Frinton-on-Sea"

Friday: Demonstration outside WH Smiths for continuing to sell copies of the book "A Children's World Atlas" that includes a map of the Middle East with the Zionist entity named as "Israel".

Saturday: Trip to the nearest synagogue (Southend)  for "Zionism=Nazism" wall-painting. Note: we are NOT anti-Semites so please remember to scream “Zionist scum” and not “Jewish scum” when the worshippers come out after the Sabbath service.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

These videos must be seen because they expose the Israeli lies about the current intifada

I do not make a habit of posting videos that are not mine but the two videos here show the world the true nature of Israeli lies about Palestinians.

The first video is from one of today's many incidents in Jerusalem. You can clearly see a Palestinian man (Alaa Abu Jamal) accidentally crashing his car into Jews at a bus stop.

When Jamal gets out to check that nobody was hurt he is viciously attacked by the Jews and is even shot several times by a Zionist terrorist despite it being obvious that Jamal posed no harm and was confused. Obviously, Jamal did eventually try to protect himself with a small knife. But the Zionist then simply execute him for no reason at all.  This was a war crime and a massacre.

The second is from one of last week's incidents in the old city of Jerusalem. Again the Zionist propagandists claim that the Jews killed here were somehow the victims of Arab terrorism. But yet again you can clearly see that the Arab man is simply walking along minding his own business when he is attacked by three Jews. he heroically defends himself against them all. A true hero of the resistance I must say. Note how the hero returns to the scene several seconds after it is clear that one of the Jews is going to attack him again. Yet again the Arab hero overcomes the Zionist.

Only by publicising these videos as widely as possible will the lying Israeli narrative be exposed.

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