Thursday 17 October 2013

Recognizing that Palestinian Muslims were the only real victims of the Nazis

Another day, another cultural event in London, and (as is standard) another opportunity to promote Jewish and Zionist propaganda. But, for me, the most astonishing exhibit at the "Other Art Fair" in London's Brick Lane was this print by "anonymous guerrilla artist and painter" who goes under the pseudonym Ego Leonard.
Muslims, gays ....and Jews,  in concentration camp uniforms - 'equal' victims of the Nazis
There can be no ambiguity in what the artist is claiming here: Muslims, gays, ... and Jews (dressed in concentration camp outfits) were equal victims of the Nazi holocaust. The myth of Jewish victimhood and 'antisemitism' such as the so-called holocaust is one that is constantly pushed not just by the Zionists, but also by the entire Jewish-owned media. The 'guerilla artist' here sadly assumes that Jews were just as much victims as the Muslims. To cast Jews as equal victims when they were actually among the most enthusiastic participants in the Nazi persecution of Muslims takes the myth of Jewish victimhood to a whole new level, especially as the Jews used the holocaust lie to steal Palestine from the Muslim Arabs.

Just because Hitler was actually inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood's antisemitism is neither here nor there. And the fact that the Palestinian leader Haj Amin al Husseini was a key ally of Hitler who helped set up Hitler's Muslim SS division, was a great compromise since it allowed these heroes to kill many Zionist children in Eastern Europe, who would otherwise have gone on to become killers of Palestinian children.  It is tragic that Hitler's promise to al Husseini that he would be allowed to eliminate all the Zionists in Palestine once the Nazis advanced there, was never followed up, despite  al Husseini having drawn up detailed plans of the elimination programme.This tragic failure to eliminate all Zionist once and for all led to a holocaust committed by the Zionists against the Palestinian Arabs.

The 'guerilla artist' Ego Leonard was also ambivalent in his print suggesting that there is such a place called 'Israel'. However, at least he makes it clear that the Arabs - with the large key - have been the true owners of the land of Palestine since the time of the Muslim prophet Jesus (a good quality image of this print can be seen on the artist's website here).

Arab with ubiquitous key to Palestine
p.s. Unlike Jews, many gays were persecuted by the Nazis (although not so many when compared to Muslim victims). Fortunately, gays are welcomed with open arms in all Muslim countries and especially by Palestinian Arabs.


  1. I agree. A free Palestine would be good. Just get rid of the Muslim leaders in that area you might actually see one.

    As for Fiona's claim to be objective while also claiming to be "one of the only writers in the Western World who is not controlled by the Zionist mafia" she shows she is delusional as well. She appears to have bought into some Zionist Conspiracy theory; meanwhile the definition of a Conspiracy Theory is "history for dummies."

  2. To anonymous: This is satirical (although Fiona's bio and views are pretty much what you would find in most UK journalists).

  3. Far from being the victims of the Nazis Muslim leaders were allied with the Nazis. The Palestinian leader spent the war years in Berlin from where he raised two Muslim SS divisions which murdered a million people.

  4. What was the last time you have seen a head doctor? You urgently need one cause your anti-schidzofrenia pill must be running out.