Monday, 28 July 2014

Helping Newspaper editors with their Gaza reporting

In order to save British media editors the effort of any novel reporting over the next few weeks I am pleased to be able to present a  convenient, easily adapted template that can be repeated EVERY day until a ceasefire is imposed on Israel <* for the figures simply refer to the method described here>

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  1. I think in the near future people who support Palestinian people and who are strongly against the genocide in Gaza will threat the israeli embassies and parliaments all around the world with fake bomb threats, as the killing of innocent civilians is unbearable for all righteous Muslim and non-Muslim. I think the lies and killings of the merciless israeli leaders and butchers rises the frustration extreme high and therefore the supporters of Palestinian innocent civilians will do whatever it takes to stop the evil massacre of the IDF. The solidarity movement has no other tool to stop the mayhem and to put pressure on israel.

    I’m wondering that why are they doing the exactly same thing to Palestinians, as the nazis did with the jews? They did not learn anything from the holocaust? I think the jews have loose any moral right to refer to the holocaust, as they did the exact same thing to the innocent civilians of Gaza. The nazi germans had than ridiculous reasons against the jews (as greed), but they were able to rise the hatred of the whole german nation against the jews. The relatives of the dead civilians (man, women and children) will have real reasons to revenge their loved ones and they will never (!) forget and they will retaliate. So Bibi thinks he will secure the sustainable safety of the israeli citizens, but actually he is planting the seeds and reasons of an upcoming second jewish holocaust and this is not good for either party...