Monday 15 December 2014

The excellent "Jews for Justice for Palestinians"

Screenshot of JfJfP Facebook Book (taken 15 Dec 2014 just in case they change it as a result of this story)

Although I am not a Jew I am proud to call myself a friend of "Jews for Justice for Palestinians" (JfJfP)**. They are a wonderful group of Zionist haters with tenuous (and in some cases no) links to Judaism (maybe I can just join them?). Like their sister organisation the Palestine Solidarity Campaign  the word Palestine is merely used as a ploy;  we cannot let the Zionist controlled media know that their only objective is - quite rightly - the destruction of the Zionist state and everything they do is geared towards that noble objective.

How apt then that the banner photo for their facebook site is, like the organisation itself, a marvellous ploy to deceive the Zionists into thinking we might be interested in peace with them! It is the iconic photo that was exposed last week as a staged fake. The two boys in the photo, taken by American photojournalist Ricki Rosen are both Z|ionists from Jerusalem. Quite rightly no Arab boy would be photographed with a Zionist settler.

** In fact, I am thinking of creating a new organisation called Non-Jews for Jews for Justice for Palestinians (NJfJfJfP).

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