Friday 21 October 2011

Free Palestine movement supports the Dale Farm gypsies

We in the Free Palestine movement align ourselves strongly with the United Nations, Amnesty International, and every left-wing group imaginable who have campaigned against the forced evictions of the Gypsies at Dale Farm. This is a breach of their human rights, and it is absolutely right that they should have received widespread international support.

These 80 families - whose culture demands that they do not stay in one place for long  - may have lived illegally on rich land for 8 years, but they have every right to stay there at tax payers expense even though they pay no taxes, do no work, and harass and steal from their neighbours.

The plight of the Gypsies forcibly evicted by their government is, of course, in no way whatsoever comparable to the 5000 Zionist Jews who were forcibly evicted by their government from Gaza in 2005. That eviction was a glorious victory for human rights - indeed I am proud that the same organisations who campaigned  for the 'human rights' of the Gypsies were the very ones who were demanding the eviction of the Zionist Jews. After all, the Zionist Jews had deviously bought the land and built their homes legally -  indeed with the full encouragement of their government. And, unlike the extensive 8 years which enabled the Gypsies full rights to their land, the Zionist Jews were only in Gaza for 35 years during which time they deviously developed previously barren land from scratch themselves, and in typically Zionist fascist style insisted on paying taxes, working - indeed building farms, factories, greenhouses and generating work and wealth for their Palestinian neighbours who were thus denied the luxury of sitting in their home doing nothing all day and starving.

And finally we must also remember that, unlike the Zionist Jews, the Gypsies were so loved by their neighbours.

I pay special tribute to my colleague Minty Challis, one of the left-wing demonstrators who went to Dale Form to support the Gypsies and who stated absolutely correctly and without recourse to irony: "The travellers' suffering was the same as that of the Palestinians in Gaza".

In other news today I am please to report the following good news.
  • Turkey - the country which was most heroically opposed to Israel's attacks on Hamas to stop the harmless rockets from Gaza, is today quite correctly brutally massacring the Kurds in its own territory and across the border in neighbouring Iraq following an attack by Kurdish terrorists against a Turkish army base.  We support the Turks who had correctly stated that Israel had no right of self-defence when its civilians were attacked every day, in now saying it will use unprecedented force against the Kurds. And whereas the whole world - including the US - was correctly outraged by Israel's disproportionate 'self defence', the whole world now supports the Turks. Indeed we commend the US and UK governments who have actually issued statements of support for the Turks' actions.
  • Spain - the most vociferous of all the European countries in demanding that Israel make concessions to Hamas (whose charter quite reasonably demands the killing of every Jew in the world)  - has today announced it will refuse to negotiate with the ETA organisation even though ETA has said it has now renounced violence. Well done to Spain for steadfastly refusing to give in to terrorism.
  • The US, Britain, and France are all quite correct in pointing out that there is absolutely no comparison between the death of Gaddafi - following a targetted attack by their own forces that was followed up by a public lynching by the NATO-led rebels, and the targetted killing by the Zionists of the beloved Hamas chief Sheikh Yassin and his successor Rantisi a few years ago.  The whole world was correct in its condemnation of the Zionist slaughter of such great leaders, just as it is correct now to rejoice in the killing of the monster Gadaffi. After all we now know that Gaddafi's support and funding of Palestinian militants for 40 years was nothing other than a plot to conceal his Zionist beliefs. 
  • Another day another great show of force by our Syrians brothers with another massacre of terrorist demonstrators against the democratically elected Syrian government. It is quite correct that all the governments in the world should keep quiet in these internal affairs of Syria, just as it is correct that they should all demand UN investigations when the Zionists harms a single Palestinian carrying his sacred duty of Jihad..
What hypocrites the Zionist are!  See here for more on this.