Tuesday 13 October 2015

These videos must be seen because they expose the Israeli lies about the current intifada

I do not make a habit of posting videos that are not mine but the two videos here show the world the true nature of Israeli lies about Palestinians.

The first video is from one of today's many incidents in Jerusalem. You can clearly see a Palestinian man (Alaa Abu Jamal) accidentally crashing his car into Jews at a bus stop.

When Jamal gets out to check that nobody was hurt he is viciously attacked by the Jews and is even shot several times by a Zionist terrorist despite it being obvious that Jamal posed no harm and was confused. Obviously, Jamal did eventually try to protect himself with a small knife. But the Zionist then simply execute him for no reason at all.  This was a war crime and a massacre.

The second is from one of last week's incidents in the old city of Jerusalem. Again the Zionist propagandists claim that the Jews killed here were somehow the victims of Arab terrorism. But yet again you can clearly see that the Arab man is simply walking along minding his own business when he is attacked by three Jews. he heroically defends himself against them all. A true hero of the resistance I must say. Note how the hero returns to the scene several seconds after it is clear that one of the Jews is going to attack him again. Yet again the Arab hero overcomes the Zionist.

Only by publicising these videos as widely as possible will the lying Israeli narrative be exposed.

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Monday 12 October 2015

Statistical proof that Israel is an apartheid state

This should shut up those Zionists who try to deny Israel is an apartheid state. Also proof of how the Israelis are committing genocide against Muslims everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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