Thursday 30 January 2014

Footballers fighting the Zionist entity: who's who

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The campaign to destroy the Zionist entity must be relentless and it must operate not just in politics and the media, but in art, cinema, theatre, and sport. We Palestine supporters must prey especially on the ignorant in society who easily believe anything that we tell them. One example of such a group being increasingly targeted are footballers, because an anti-Zionist message from them can have instant worldwide impact. Hence, there has been a steadily increasing number of footballers taking part in the anti-Zionist campaign - and they are by no means all Muslims. The non-Muslims are typical of the wonderful youngsters you see at any university meeting or rally protesting against the Zionist entity - with their Hamas supporting T-shirts and kaffiyas, repeating unquestioningly everything that we tell them. The great thing is they never ask for any evidence!

I have decided to maintain a log of these footballer and (as per my log of anti-Israel charities) I have awarded a number of Arafats (rather than stars) to each (where 5 Arafats is the best possible). The list - ordered by the fame of the player - is by no means exhaustive but will be updated over time.

Christiano Ronaldo
Portuguese world superstar (Real Madrid and formerly Man Utd). Typical enthusiastic non-Muslim hero supporter of Hamas freedom fighters in Gaza. Even refused to exchange shirts with Zionist players. However, he rightly attracted our wrath by tweeting to say he was in 'Israel' instead of 'Palestine' before the match where he redeemed himself by refusing to exchange shirts.

Former Brazilian world player of the year. Proud to be seen in his Palestinian 'death to Israel' scarf. Actually played himself in an Iranian anti-Zionist film about a Palestinian girl who is killed before realizing her dream of meeting him.

Eric Cantona
Former Man Utd superstar. Wealthy French leftist antiZionist who is clearly a  man of culture and intellect. Active campaigner for boycotting Israel, correctly calling it a "racist state, which violates human rights".

Mohamed Salah
Egyptian international now with Chelsea. Refused to shake hands with Zionist players when playing for Basel against Macabbi Tel Aviv. Had to be forced by his club to travel to Israel and then issued a statement saying I am going to play in Palestine and not Israel and I am also going to score and win there. The Zionist flag won’t be shown in the Champions League. More here.

Marcelo (full name Marcelo Vieira)
Real Madrid and Brazil: Tweeted support for Palestinian freedom fighters. Close friend of Ronaldo (see above).

Eden Hazard
Belgium and Chelsea. He was the most high-profile signatory of Fredi Kanoute's campaign to boycott Israel from hosting the 2013 EUFA under-21 championships that attracted 60 international footballers (mainly Muslims) as reported here. After intervention by the ZioNazi Edgar Davidson with Chelsea, the club issued a statement saying that Hazard had not signed the statement and did not wish to be associated with it. However, even today his name still appears on the website as a signatory; this is especially wonderful as at least 10 players who denied having signed it - including Didier Drogba - did have their names removed.
Rating (based on the refusal to have his name removed)

Nicolas Anelka
France and many major clubs (currently West Brom). A convert to Islam who performed the 'quenelle' to celebrate a goal and rightly refused to apologise, claiming  he was 'only making a dedication to his comedian friend'. ....who just happens to be the marvellous campaigning ant-Zionist Dieudonne ... who just happened to be in court at the time on yet another trumped up antisemitism charge (like the several previous ones he was convicted for).

Samir Nasri and Mamadou Sakho 
French internationals who performed the 'quenelle' alongside its inventor the marvellous campaigning ant-Zionist Dieudonne (see here) Unlike Anelka, however,  Nasri cowardly issued an apology of sorts.

Joey Barton
English player, numerous clubs (currently QPR). He is actually a convict who was booted out of numerous clubs for violent conduct, but who saw the light in 2011 (while playing for Lille in France) as a philosopher, self-appointed expert on the Middle East and generally Hamas spokesman. The quality in his writing can be seen here which includes the wonderful words ".. those innocent children, women and men were being killed in Gaza because of a largely interpreted book that was written more than 2,000 years ago,...there are a group of Jews out there, with extreme beliefs, that think the Old Testament is all fact, which means that Israel belongs to the Jews and the Palestinians must give all of the land back to them".

Egyptian international formerly with Milan and Spurs among many other clubs. When actually supposed to be playing for Barnsley in 2012 instead he heroically went to an anti-Zionist demonstration in London where he tweeted the wonderful words "In London against Israel ... Oh Lord burn them".

Fredi Kanoute
France and numerous clubs around Europe. Long history of support for Islamics causes and anti-Zionist campaigning. He is the player who organised the campaign to boycott Israel from hosting the 2013 EUFA under-21 championships that attracted 60 international footballers (mainly Muslims) as signatories, including Eden Hazard as reported here.

Chris Sutton (then Celtic and England): Allegedly called his Zionist team mate Eyal Berkovic "baby-killer" in 2001 after reading the true statements from Hamas that Palestinian babies had been deliberately killed by Israel. Although this was quite a big news item at the time I can find no traces of the story on the Internet. Irrespective of this particular story Sutton was clearly a fine man, whose career was dogged by relatively few controversies. In 2000 he was convicted of two charges of common assault and fined after an incident outside a restaurant in which he spat in the face of another man

Algeria National Football team at the FIFA World Cup 2014
On the day after it was confirmed that Hamas - who rule Gaza - had heroically kidnapped and murdered three Israeli schoolboys - the Algerian team (who had been relatively successful in the World Cup) announced that it was donating its $9 million in prize money from the tournament to Gaza (i.e. to Hamas). Within two days Hamas was herocially firing hundreds of missiles a day at Israeli cities including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Chile's Palestine Football Club
Made news in January 2014 when they adopted a strip that contained the map of  Palestine with the Zionist entity obliterated. Despite censure and a substantial fine from the Chile FA they have continued to wear the strip.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) supported by West Ham United, Bolton Wanderers, Swansea City, Vitesse Arnham
European teams (such as those mentioned above) often like to take a mid-winter 'team bonding' session in a warm climate and Dubai is one of the most common destinations. Yet Dubai - like almost every Muslim country - heroically refuses to allow players with Israeli passports to enter the country. Despite this all the above teams have insisted on booking trips to Dubai when they had Israeli players who were duly banned from going (for example see e.g. here, here, here). Although this has been going on for years, each time it happens the clubs are somehow 'suprised' and 'disappointed'.  But luckily never once have they been sufficiently 'disappointed' to choose a different location and hence finally call out the racist Arabs and push FIFA to do abide by their own anti-racism rules. It is great that the clubs do not have the decency to pick a civilised place where ALL its employees could go for its mid-winter 'jolly'.  In fact, choosing a location where some of its employees are excluded on racist grounds is actually a clear breach of EU employment law by the clubs and could have been challenged had the Israeli players had the inclination to do so (luckily none did!). West Ham and Bolton deserve special criticism because with them it has happened more than once. Indeed in 2006 West Ham even had two Israeli players (Yossi Benayoun and Yaniv Katan) - and they still went ahead with the trip despite the fact that Benayoun was their captain and most important player. Bolton were 'stung' in 2006 (when Tal Ben Haim was banned) and again in 2009 (when Tamir Cohen was banned).

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas
They have long used football as a Jihad/political weapon. If they are not herocially firing rockets from their FIFA funded football grounds (and then herocially demanding that FIFA expel the Zionist entitiy when the Zionists responds by hitting the fields where the rockets were fired from) they continually create wonderful stories in whichpalestinian resistance fighters whose 'freedom of movement is restricted' or  who are injured while attacking Zionists are claimed to be key players from the Palestinian national team. Apparently the Palestinian national football team has approximately 25,000 key players.

Despite continued breaches of FIFA's own regulations on racism, FIFA and UEFA have bravely never brought to book the many Muslim countries who have refused to allow even individual Zionists to play in (or even enter) their countries even when those players were playing for non-Israeli teams. Nor have they brought to book the Muslim countries (all 58) who simply refuse to play Israel in international tournaments. On the contrary they have punished Israel for this by forcing them (since after 1970) to play in the very difficult European qualifiers for the World Cup while the Muslim countries play in the much easier Asia (or Africa) qualifiers. Hence, while Israel has failed to qualify for the World Cup finals since 1970, a continual stream of inferior Arab and Muslim countries have qualified. The ultimate act of footballing Jihad was FIFA's award of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar which means that FIFA will have to 'ensure' that Israel is unable to qualify for that tournament. Yet, while FIFA heroically refuses to condemn the blatant racism of its Muslim members, it has continually singled out Israel and threatened expulsion from both FIFA and EUFA for trumped up charges involving 'freedom of movement of Palestinian footballers' (see previous item).

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Thursday 16 January 2014

Iron Dome: a proposal for St James' Church Christmas 2014 pro-Palestinian campaign

Sad news this morning:  numerous Palestinian resistance rockets fired into the Zionist entity - including five targeted at occupied Ashkelon - were all intercepted by the Iron Dome system. It is vital that everybody in the Free Palestine Now movement recognizes the importance of destroying the apartheid Iron dome system whose only purpose is to save the lives of Zionist terrorists targeted by Palestinian freedom fighters. Therefore I believe this surely is a perfect subject for the next Christmas pro-Palestinian campaign by the St James' Church Piccadilly: Build a life-size replica of the Iron dome and demand it be torn down.

In fact, to save much time and effort I have prepared the Press Release for the event

St James Church Piccadilly, Christmas 2014
This Christmas, in solidarity with the downtrodden Palestinians of Gaza, we are building a life-size replica of the hideous Iron Dome system which, according to international human rights lawyers, has been illegally intercepting Palestinian rockets.  The racist Israelis have been installing hundreds of these monstrosities all across the land that Jesus walked on and which is sacred to Palestinian Arabs. These monstrosities are a blight on the lives of the Palestinians, but most of all they perfectly represent the apartheid nature of the Israeli system, since they target only Palestinian rockets (no Israeli rocket has ever been intercepted). Moreover, these largely harmless Iranian-made Grad rockets are paid for by EU taxpayers, so the Iron Dome is also cheating every EU citizen, as well as destroying the output of the only major growth industry in Gaza.

The Zionists laughingly claim that the system 'saves lives'. But everybody knows that the 3,962 Grad missiles targeted at Zionist-occupied cities in the last 3 years that have been illegally intercepted by the Iron Dome were never intended to kill more than a few hundred Zionists each. They are just harmless fire-crackers. Compared to the three million babies bayoneted to death by Zionist soldiers every day in Gaza, and the 4 million babies who die of starvation every single day in Gaza as a result of the Zionist siege**, any Zionist 'casualties' are completely irrelevant.
Our replica of the Iron Dome is costing just 259 billion pounds, and is being funded voluntarily by UK and EU taxpayers through the financing of two charities: the Christian charity “War on Israel” and the Muslim Charity “Jihad against Jews”. On the 12th day of Christmas (6 January 2015) the Iron Dome will be torn down and destroyed as an act of hopeful symbolism.
Merry Christmas
**All casualty figures  have been supplied by the independent Gaza-based Hamas Health Authority and verified by the independent UN-funded Palestinian Propaganda Committee.
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