Wednesday 17 December 2014

Exclusive: EU Commissioner explains why Hamas is no longer considered a terrorist organisation

Wonderful news today that the EU has decided to remove the peace-loving freedom fighters of Hamas from the list of designated terrorist organisations. The EU Commissioner Mr Eichate DeJuz (who has special responsibility for Middle East Affairs) today issued the following superb statement in response to ZioNazi Benjamin Netanyahu's criticism of the EU decision.
The Zionist leader has questioned why Hamas is no longer considered a terrorist organisation while ISIS remains on the list. We are frankly insulted by such a question because the differences between ISIS and Hamas are enormous.
ISIS is a Sunni Islamist supremacist anti-Semitic organisation that practises brutal sadistic Sharia repression over all citizens under its control, indiscriminately targets and murders civilians, believes all non-Muslims and women are inferior and seeks a world-wide caliphate governed by Sharia law. 
On the other hand Hamas is a Sunni Islamist supremacist anti-Semitic organisation that practises brutal sadistic Sharia repression over all citizens under its control, indiscriminately targets and murders civilians, believes all non-Muslims and women are inferior and seeks a world-wide caliphate governed by Sharia law. Most importantly Hamas has the support of all progessive thinkers in the West and for the time being restricts its murder mainly to Jews and its political opponents.

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Monday 15 December 2014

The excellent "Jews for Justice for Palestinians"

Screenshot of JfJfP Facebook Book (taken 15 Dec 2014 just in case they change it as a result of this story)

Although I am not a Jew I am proud to call myself a friend of "Jews for Justice for Palestinians" (JfJfP)**. They are a wonderful group of Zionist haters with tenuous (and in some cases no) links to Judaism (maybe I can just join them?). Like their sister organisation the Palestine Solidarity Campaign  the word Palestine is merely used as a ploy;  we cannot let the Zionist controlled media know that their only objective is - quite rightly - the destruction of the Zionist state and everything they do is geared towards that noble objective.

How apt then that the banner photo for their facebook site is, like the organisation itself, a marvellous ploy to deceive the Zionists into thinking we might be interested in peace with them! It is the iconic photo that was exposed last week as a staged fake. The two boys in the photo, taken by American photojournalist Ricki Rosen are both Z|ionists from Jerusalem. Quite rightly no Arab boy would be photographed with a Zionist settler.

** In fact, I am thinking of creating a new organisation called Non-Jews for Jews for Justice for Palestinians (NJfJfJfP).

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Thursday 27 November 2014

United Nations: Gaza flooding catastrophe caused deliberately by Israel's Iron Dome system

Photographic proof used by UNWRA that Israel's Iron Dome caused Gaza flooding today
How many more terrible crimes will the Zionists commit against the poor Palestinians? The following story is from UNWRA:
The United Nations has declared Gaza a disaster zone today after torrential rain and flooding forced at least 5 people to flee their homes without umbrellas. The UNWRA spokesman in Gaza, Mr Jihad Hamas Islami, declared that the disaster was deliberately caused by Israel's iron dome system. In front of the world's press he declared:
"The iron dome system was switched on to divert heavy rain targeted at the Zionist entity directly into Gaza."
Hamas spokesman, Mr Islam Jihad Islam, said
"This despicable act of war will open up the gates of hell for the Zionist oppressors" 
However, the PA President Mr Mahmood Abbas did not fully agree with the Hamas prognosis regarding the Gates of Hell, cautioning:
"President Obama has disclosed to me that the Zionists now have an advanced version of the Iron Dome system which will shoot down the Gates of Hell before they are able to swallow up all the Jews.
He even warned that
"..the system may be able to divert the Gates of Hell back into Gaza."
An emergency session of the United Nations was held immediately following the disaster, resulting in a new resolution UNSCR 666 condemning Israel's actions. The resolution stated:
The flooding of at least 2 properties in Gaza is, with the exception of previous wars started by Israel,  the worst humanitarian disaster in the history of the world. Since Israel is held directly responsible for this action the UN deems that Israel can no longer be considered a legitimate state and so must dismantle itself. 
The resolution was passed by 218 votes to 1 (Micronesia being the only country to vote against the resolution). There was also one abstention, namely Israel.  When asked why Israel abstained, rather than vote against the resolution, a spokesman said that this was due to pressure from both Israeli Cabinet Minister Zippi Livni and US Secretary of State John Kerry.

Livni wanted to see the results of an independent enquiry into the role of the Iron Dome system in the disaster, and also felt that voting against the resolution might alienate Israel's many friends at the UN, who are already furious at Israel's recent plans to add a conservatory to Moshe Golderberg's apartment in Jerusalem.John Kerry said that if the Israelis voted against the resolution he would no longer be able to personally ensure the safety of Israelis anywhere in the world.

Wednesday 26 November 2014

Great news: Palestine Solidarity Campaign finally shakes off its Zionist shackles!

Great to see the Palestine Solidarity Campaign has updated its website to make its objectives much clearer and really tells it as it should be!!!!!!  No need to pay lip service to all that "we work for peace & justice for Palestinians, in support of human rights & against all racism" nonsense - which we only put there to placate the Zionist controlled media.

Sunday 3 August 2014

Palestine Solidarity Campaign complaint letter to the BBC about its pro-Israel bias

Following on from the mass demonstration we staged three weeks ago outside the BBC in London to complain about its pro-Israel bias, here is a copy of our latest letter of complaint to the BBC. Brilliant:

Unfortunately, ZioNazi Edgar Davidson also managed to get hold of a copy of this.

Monday 28 July 2014

Helping Newspaper editors with their Gaza reporting

In order to save British media editors the effort of any novel reporting over the next few weeks I am pleased to be able to present a  convenient, easily adapted template that can be repeated EVERY day until a ceasefire is imposed on Israel <* for the figures simply refer to the method described here>

Tuesday 15 July 2014

Rules for using photos of Israeli aggression in Gaza

I am pleased to announce that the Rules and Guidelines for Westerners reporting on the Middle East has now been updated with the following mandatory rules on using photographs:

Rule 8 (Using photographs)
Photo and caption from today's Telegraph

Typical photos used to 'prove' Israeli aggression against children

Monday 14 July 2014

Rules and Guidelines for Countering the Zionist Media Narrative

With Palestine again under attack I am pleased to be able to share with you extracts from the rule book issued to all members of the Western media corps. I used this during my six years of working at the BBC (the BBC played a major role in developing these important rules and guidelines that help prevent some of the worst Zionist lies dominating the media narrative):

Rule 1 (Rocket attacks against Israel)

The rule here is simple: Never report on any rocket attacks against Israel (also note: there is no Israeli town called Sderot). The are only two exceptions to this rule:
  1. If Israel eventually attempts to stop the rocket fire. In that case you can lead with a major story reporting that Israel has launched a massive attack against Palestinian civilians and you can include the following statement at the end of your 26 page report:
    "The Israelis claim that their attack was in response to home made rocket attacks from Gaza/Lebanon.”
  2. If (as is very common) the rockets fall short (or explode before being launched) and hence cause casualties in Gaza, then you must write a major report with the headline "Israeli attack kills X civilians in Gaza"  (where the number X is determined by Rule 2 below).
Also note the following:
  • If you are forced to mention Hamas and/or Hizbollah rockets (many of which are powerful long range missiles provided by Iran and Syria) you must refer to them using the terms: "home made",  "harmless", and "nothing more than fire crackers". 
  • You may also say things like "rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome system" so that it is not even clear that rockets were fired or by whom. However, if you do mention the Iron Dome system ensure you say that it is an "American supplied system" even though it was actually funded, designed and built by Israel (Rafael Advanced Defence Systems)
  • Never refer to the fact that the missiles cause deaths, injuries, and major damage in Israel and require several million people in Israel to stay in shelters for hours and days on end.

Rule 2 (Arab casualties)

If there is any incident either in Israel or near its borders in which there are claims of Arab casualties you must write a report with the following headline:
“Israelis kill X Arab civilians including Y children”
For the numbers X and Y simply choose the highest figures from the following sources:
  • Hamas
  • Hezbollah
  • The Palestinian Authority
  • Islamic Jihad 
  • Syrian State Television
  • Al Jazeera
  • Any person within 20 miles of the incident who is wearing a kaffiya or a Burka.
You do not need to state the source of your claim. In the unlikely event that an Israeli spokesman claims either a different figure, that the 'victims' were armed terrorists, or that the incident simply did not happen you may end your report with the following:
“An Israeli spokesman claimed, without evidence, that they ‘acted in self-defence’.
Note that there are certain circumstances where Arab deaths from violence should not be reported at all. This is when Arabs themselves openly claim to be the killers. This applies, for example, in the following cases:
  • Mass slaughter in fighting between different rival groups (Shia v Sunni, Hamas vs PA, Hamas vs Al Qaeda, PA vs Islamic Jihad etc)
  • Where the victims are accused of being Israeli collaborators
If news of these killings does leak out into the Western media then simply write a brief statement including the words:
“The underlying cause of the violence was the oppressive Israeli occupation”
Any claims of deaths of Israelis during such incidents can be assumed to be false and hence ignored.

Rule 3 (Demographics)

Remember the following important demographics in any report, especially relating to casualties:
  • Every Palestinian, especially every member of Hamas and Islamic Jihad, is a civilian. Those who produce suicide videos armed with machine guns vowing to kill as many Jews as possible are simply civilians forced by the Israeli occupation into becoming ‘militants’. 
  • Any Palestinian under the age of 26 is a child.
  • Any Palestinian under the age of 16 is a baby.
  • Any Palestinian over the age of 32 is a grandfather/grandmother.
  • Any Palestinian with any type of injury (including especially Hamas terrorists injured when launching attacks against Israel) is disabled.
  • Every building in Gaza is either a Hospital, School, Mosque, or a house filled excusively with women and children.
  • There are no Israeli ‘civilians’ and certainly no Israeli ‘children’. They are just soldiers or settlers.
  • Palestinian cities and towns are refugees camps.
  • Israeli cities and towns are settlements.

Rule 4 (Terrorist attacks)

If Israelis are killed in a terrorist attack, then treat this as an opportunity to take a vacation from reporting.

However, you should immediately return from your vacation if it is discovered that an Israeli family in Jerusalem is planning to build an extra bedroom to accommodate their new baby. In that case you should write a story with the headline
Israelis destroy chance of peace by announcing new West Bank settlement plans. 
At the end of the article you can use the following statement:
An Israeli government spokesman claimed that the settlement plans were in response to what they claimed was a ‘terrorist attack’. 
The only exceptions to this rule are as follows:
  • In the event of a suicide bombing you may interview the suicide bomber’s family and write a sympathetic piece stating how the bomber was a loving family person driven to his/her actions by the Israeli occupation. Be careful to refer to the actual suicide bombing only in vague abstract terms, never mentioning the victims or their families.
  • In the event of a particularly brutal terrorist attack, such as the slaughter of an entire family in their home in which a baby is decapitated, you can, if news of the attack reaches outside Israel, write a brief report with the following words:
“Although the Israelis claim that a terrorist attack occurred at X, it is more likely to have been the result of a disgruntled Thai worker, Jewish militants intent on sparking anti-Arab violence, or simply a family dispute. ”

Make sure you never mention the widespread celebrations that take place throughout the Palestinian territories. Instead you should quote a Palestinian Authority spokesman, who having just led the celebrations with proclamations such as "This will be the fate of all Jews" in Arabic tells you in English that the Palestinian Authority do not approve of the attack as it damages their cause, and that in any case such actions are the natural response to the Israeli occupation.
Rule 5 (Terminology)
  • The word ‘terrorist’ must never be used except when referring to Jewish residents of the West Bank accused of acting provocatively in the presence of an Arab.  
  • Any Arab in a combat zone is unarmed if they are not carrying a mobile missile launcher.  Any kind of guns, knives, swords, rocks, sticks or heavy metal items are, as a matter of course carried by unarmed Arabs since it is part of their cultural heritage.
  • In any report you must insert the word “settler” after the word “Israeli”, unless it is known that they live outside of Central Tel Aviv, in which case you must add the word “fanatical” before “Israeli”. 
  • When mentioning the name of any Israeli city or town (i.e. settlement) you must also include the words occupied territory.
  • When mentioning any Israeli politician you must insert the word “hardline”, “extremist”, or “right-wing” before their name (if in doubt it is best to insert all three words).
  • In any report about Palestinians use the following words: “authentic”, “welcoming”, “poor”.
  • When mentioning any Palestinian politician you must insert the word “moderate” before their name, even if they are a leader of Hamas.
  • Be especially careful when referring to Arab-Israelis. If an Arab-Israeli is killed in a Palestinian terrorist attack, or in a cross border shooting/rocket attack then you must refer to them as "Palestinian" (but be careful not to mention who caused the killing). In other circumstances you must refer to them as Israelis to ensure that nobody knows that there are Arab-Israeli citizens prominent and represented in all strata of Israeli society.
Rule 6 (Ethics and Morality)
  • Israel is the only country in the world that must behave with absolutely perfect ethics and morality in every single aspect of public and private life. Hence, even the smallest deviation from perfection (such as if you can find an Arab worker earning less than a Jewish worker, or an Arab rioter being manhandled by a policeman) can be treated as a major news story.
  • Arab countries, and especially the Palestinians, do not have to abide by any rules of morality or ethics at all. Hence, institutional antisemitism, violence, child abuse, racism, sexism, indoctrination of children, and the fact that 99.99% of the population dreams of massacring every Jew in the world are all examples of acceptable cultural behaviour and so must never be reported (doing so will result in you being disciplined for Islamaphobia or for being a Zionist stooge).
Rule 7 (Geography and Religion)

  • Never look at a map of the whole Middle East. That way you will never have to reveal that Israel is less than the size of Wales or New Jersey surrounded by Muslim countries with a land mass over a thousand times as large.
  • Although you can refer to the fact that 20% of Israel's population are Arabs you should only do so if you include the words "oppressed minority", "abused", "underclass", "impoverished".
  • Never ask why over 50% of Israel’s Jewish population appears to have dark or even black skin. This might otherwise force you to reveal that not all Israeli Jews are of European/American origin and that they are actually native Middle Eastern and Ethiopian. 
  • Never ask why there are 0 Jews living in Gaza, 0 Jews living in the PA occupied part of the "West Bank", 0 Jews living in Jordan, 0 Jews living in Syria (down from 16,000 in 1947), 0 Jews living in Iraq (down from 200,000 in 1940), 0 Jews living in Algeria (down from 150,000 in 1940), 0 Jews living in Libya (down from 50,000 in 1940), 0 Jews living in Lebanon (down from 10,000 in 1940),  30 Jews living in Egypt (down from 100,000 in 1940), 2000 Jews living in Morocco (down from 270,000 in 1940) , 0 Jews living in Saudi Arabia, etc. Do, however, say that Israel's policies make it an apartheid state committed to ethnic cleansing of all Arabs.
  • Never ask why Israel is the only country in the Middle East whose Christian population is expanding.
  • Never ask why Jerusalem is mentioned over 600 times in the Old Testament and 0 times in the Koran. Do, however, refer at least once in every report to the fact that Jerusalem is sacred to Muslims.
Rule 8 (Using photographs)

Rule 9 (Speaking to the natives)

Never interview an Israeli Jew (Israeli Arabs, especially those belonging to the Islamic Movement can be used instead).  The only exceptions to this rule are:
  • Haaretz reporters
  • Anti-Zionist academics, writers, politicians and lawyers 
  • Amos Oz
  • Any recent American Jewish immigrant living in the West Bank who uses Biblical quotations every other sentence.
To ensure this rule is adhered to it is safest to simply never speak to any Israeli Jew. Hence, make sure that whenever your are in Israel you either stay in the (Arab) American Colony Hotel Jerusalem or are hosted by a member of the Palestinian Authority or a person with a Haaretz press pass.

Rule 10 (Peace activists)

Any non-Arab in the region who is involved in violent anti-Israel activities is a peace activist. If such a person dies under any circumstances then you must state before any evidence is produced that this person “was killed by Israeli troops”. You must also put out an urgent call to all journalists in the world to write about nothing else for the next 7 days. Also contact every playwright to request a play dedicated to this martyr of the Palestinian cause.

Rule 11 (Arabic speeches)

Never use the services of an Arabic translator to find out what Arab leaders and clerics are telling their own people, as in “We will not rest until every Jew is dead”. This will ensure you do not have to waste time telling readers that they have directly contradicted what they told you in English (as in “We want peace with Israel”). It will also save you having to explain (or even report) that wild anti-Semitic conspiracy theories are believed by 99.999% of all Arabs. A simple rule of thumb is the following:
Any statement X made to you by an Arab in English is to be treated as unimpeachable truth. Any statement Y made by an Arab in Arabic that contradicts X, can be treated as false and hence ignored.
In the unlikely event that news of the translation gets into the main stream media you simply have to report that the translation is the work of MEMRI – a Zionist organisation dedicated to mis-translation to make Arabs look like anti-Semitic, homophobic, misogynistic psychopaths. If, even after that, the translation is proved to be accurate then you can simply say that the statement was "theatrical rhetoric which was never supposed to be meant literally".

Rule 12 (Israeli evidence)

Be aware that in most major stories where you are able to cast Israel as the devil incarnate, the Israelis subsequently produce hard evidence (videos, documents, etc) that prove they were not guilty of the claims that had been made. In such cases there is no need to report this evidence. However, if you wish to remind readers of the original story you can include the following words at the end:
“Israel has claimed that some of these accusations are not true, but sources cast doubt on the authenticity of the Israeli evidence”.

Rule 13 (Tactics of War)

  • Targeted assassinations of terrorists carried out by Israelis are, under all circumstances, heinous war crimes. When reporting such crimes always use the words widespread international condemnation and invoke the spectre of  a UN Security Council resolution. Never mention that the assassination was carried out with such careful planning and skill that no civilian was harmed during the operation. Also never mention the direct threat the terrorist posed to Israel, nor the Israelis previously killed by the terrorist.
  • Targeted assassinations of terrorists carried out by any country other than Israelis are, under all circumstances, causes for jubilation. When reporting such crimes always use the words widespread international support although you can include the words "concern expressed by some Muslim militants". Never mention the fact that, unlike assassinations carried out by Israelis, dozens of innocent civilians were also killed. Also never mention the fact that the terrorist did not pose a direct threat to the country carrying out the attack.
  • Never mention the fact that in Palestinian suicide terrorist attacks, children are always specifically targeted. Just stress that such attacks are the inevitable result of the 'occupation' and 'poverty'.
  • The total blockading of a country's borders and carpet bombing of its cities by nations from the other side of the world   (as in, e.g.  Libya) is a highly commendable tactic even though the country poses no threat to its neighbours. Stress the tyrannical nature of the regime being bombed (and do not remind readers that 6 months earlier you were telling them what a wonderful reformer their leader was) and never remind readers about the civilians living there (who mostly hate the regime)
  • The blockading of Gaza's sea border to stop weapons deliveries, and the targeted bombing of its terror facilities by its neighbour (Israel) who the Gazans have shelled indiscriminately, is a heinous war crime, that must be the subject of multiple UN resolutions, enquiries, and 'peace' flotillas.  Never mention the tyrannical nature of the Hamas regime but focus only on the civilians living there (without mentioning that they support the regime and all rejoice in the deaths of Israeli citizens). You should also point out the 'hypocrisy of the West' in not imposing a no-fly zone on Israel.

Rule 14 (Peace Partners)

Under no circumstances ever mention that the Hamas Charter calls for the death of all Jews and cites the Protocols of the Elders of Zion for its inspiration. Similarly, never mention that, even after the Oslo accords, the Palestinian Authority has never renounced its own charter calling for the destruction of Israel and that every one of its leaders openly seeks the destruction of the Jewish State.

Rule 15  (The Final Option)

If you have any doubt about the content of a story, or if you simply cannot be bothered to write anything yourself, then simply copy and paste whatever Al Jazeera is saying on its website.

Tuesday 18 March 2014

Supporting Israel Apartheid Week

All these progressive thinkers and intellectuals know the truth but incredibly the Zionists try to deny it!!!!!
A number of my friends' children have just experienced their first Israel Apartheid week on campus (more on this below). It was a wonderful experience for most but some are concerned about how best to respond to the ZionNazis who (can you believe this!!) actually try to deny that Israel is an Apartheid State!!  The response should be the same as if a man who has never met your grandmother tells you that she is an Alien bounty hunter from the Planet Zog and demands to know if you are therefore prepared to help him kill her.  You should expose the person who says that as the liar and insane psychopath that they are.

The Nazi propaganda chief Goebbels (who I believe was a Jew like Hitler)  said: if you repeat a lie often enough people will believe it and the bigger the lie the more they will believe it.  The Nazis’ used this observation to devastating effect to murder millions of Muslims throughout Europe while making the world believe they were murdering Jews.  Similarly the long-term objective of the ‘Israel is an NOT apartheid state’ lie is nothing less than the destruction of the 6 million Muslim inhabitants of Palestine. Just look at the people who are behind the lie: Zionists!!! There is no point in attmepting to talk to a Zionist - they only know how to lie, cheat and murder Palestinian babies.

Any rational person who has ever spent any time in the Zionist entity knows, of course, that the 'Israel is NOT an Apartheid state' lie is every bit as ludicrous and offensive as the Nazi lie. To enter into a discussion defending against the lie only gives undeserved credibility to the Zionist liars. Nevertheless there is a wealth of unimpeachable, easily accessible material that exposes every single facet of the 'Israel is NOT an Apartheid state' lie (see, e.g. here, here, here, here and here). The only rational (and honourable) way to deal with the 'Israel is NOT an Apartheid state' lie is to highlight the impeccable credentials of those heroes behind the Israel Apartheid campaign and those who actively promote it.

For the historical record the Israel apartheid truth was actually first revealed by the KGB in communist Russia as part of the Cold War – after the tragic and unlucky defeat of the Arab armies with their excellent Soviet equipment  in 1967.  The KGB produced all the excellent propaganda material in the late 1960s and 1970s that was then used by radical leftists throughout the Western world. Since the sad fall of the Soviet Union the apartheid truth has been driven by dedictated anti-Zionists, leftist revolutionaries and Islamists - the latter of whom come from Arab countries which would never practice real apartheid (those same Arab countries provide much of the funding now for the resources which are still based on the Soviet material). The heroes’ agenda is, quite rightly the destruction of the Zionist Apartheid State. Despite belonging to organisations with names like the ‘Palestine Solidarity Campaign’ or 'Students for Justice for Palestinians' they quite rightly focus on the Zionist enemy rather than being unnecessarily diverted by the welfare of the Palestinians; this is proven by their totally acceptable lack of concern for the plight of Palestinians in Syria (where they are being starved and murdered) and Lebanon (where for over 65 years they have been denied rights of citizenship and are banned from most professions).  Read here about the kind of excellent Western student organisations who promote Israel Apartheid week. 

The Arabs who promote the Apartheid truth and who challenge the "Israel is NOT an apartheid state" lie are especially significant because the Zionists have even attempted to claim that Apartheid is rampant in some Arab and Muslim states.  Can you believe such bizarre claims? These marvellous Arab democracies are at the forefront of anti-Apartheid practice because they actively BAN the Apartheid Zionists from even entering!!! Hence, not a single practicing Zionist lives in Gaza or the Palestinian Authority areas (where fortunately Zionists cannot even travel without facing justice),  Jordan and Saudi Arabia (where in both countries it is illegal to be a citizen if you are a Zionist). There are just 2 remaining Zionists in Iraq (where there were 300,000 as recently as 1952), 3 in Syria, 40 in Lebanon and 30 in Egypt, and less than 3000 Zionists live in all of the other Arab countries combined. Less than 60 years ago those Arab countries were infested with over 1,000,000 Zionists.   They have all been driven out. That is one of the greatest anti-Apartheid victories ever!!!

Also, while every University student is forced to learn about the ‘plight of the Jews’ in the so-called holocaust nobody in the world ever talks about the plight of the Palestinians!!!!  The Israel Apartheid week is one of the only times we can do that because of the Zionist control over the media as well as their control over the Universities (did you know that EVERY single University Vice Chancellor in the UK is a Jew Zionist?)

Finally, back to the friends' children at University. One of many examples was a student concerned about a vicious piece of Zionist propaganda that attempted to challenge an article stating the TRUTH about Israeli Apartheid  (written by a Muslim woman) that appeared in the University's magazine to coincide with Israel Apartheid week . The Zionist challenge contained all of the usual cliched lies and is so bizarre that I just have to reproduce it below (try to stop being physically sick as you read it):
  • The article perpetuates a number of common libels and myths against Israel, and demonstrates that the author knows nothing about Israel (or the Palestinians) other than what she has learnt from propaganda promoted by those who seek the destruction of the Jewish State. 
  • The ‘military checkpoints’ that she says (misleadingly) are ‘inflicted on Palestinian children’ are of course inflicted on everybody in Israel and the Palestinian areas to stop the unrelenting attempts by Palestinian terrorists to attack Israeli civilians. Israeli schoolchildren (like every other Israeli) are additionally subjected to ‘checkpoints’ every time they enter a public building for the same reason. Without Palestinian terrorism there would be no need for the checkpoints for anybody and nor would there be any need for the ‘430 mile’ security fence which she is so offended by and which she bizarrely likens to the Berlin wall. The communists erected the Berlin wall wall to keep people in, while the sole purpose of Israel’s security fence is to keep the terrorists out. Perhaps she has forgotten the 1500 Israeli civilians murdered in buses and restaurants between 2000 and 2003 before the fence was built. The fence has kept the flow of suicide bombers to a minimum and saved thousands of lives.
  • As for the ‘illegal settlements’ on ‘Palestinian land’, I assume she is referring to territory which, between 1948 and 1967 was illegally occupied by Jordan (not ‘Palestine’) and which Israel captured in 1967 after the Arabs tried to annihilate Israel. Presumably Nadeine feels that Jews should not be allowed to live in these (admittedly disputed) areas. In which case who is the one who believes in Apartheid? In any case Israel has offered many times to give up these areas in exchange for peace only for the Palestinians to refuse. When Israel did give up the whole of Gaza in 2005 it was ‘rewarded’ by a campaign of terrorist rockets that continues to this day (150 launched last Wednesday alone). 
  • On the Apartheid lie it is interesting that she says ‘Indeed Mandela himself was an avid supporter of the Palestinian plight’. What she fails to mention is that Mandela was appalled that the apartheid analogy was used against Israel.
  • Not only has the author presented a biased anti-Israel narrative, but also completely misses the point about those concerned by the ‘Israel apartheid week’ taking place in a University. The point is that Israel - the only functioning democracy in the Middle East and the only Middle Eastern country where, for example, Muslim women are treated as equals in the law – also just happens to be the only country in the world singled out for such demonization. If, as the author claims, she is just as concerned about ‘other struggles’ perhaps she can explain why there are no ‘apartheid weeks’ demonizing the many Arab and Muslim countries where real apartheid is carried out; for example, as a Muslim woman herself why is she not promoting a Saudi apartheid week where she can highlight the fact that women like her are not allowed to drive, not allowed to walk in public without a male guardian, and where non-Muslims are not allowed to travel on certain roads or even practice their own religion? The fact is that Israel – and only Israel – is singled out for completely undeserved demonization. That suggests anti-Semitism is the motive and that is why sensible people are concerned.  
Now you can understand the kind of hatred the anti-Zionists have to contend with at a British University!!!

The final interesting point is that the Jewish Society at the University has come out in support of the Israel Apartheid Week. That attitude is a breath of fresh air, but it does not surprise me -  the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) has actually joined forces on numerous occasions recently with us to stop Zionists and Fascists from speaking on campus. These include speakers, such as the evil ZioNazi Douglas Murray  and even a Muslim Zionist. And of course UJS was active in helping to get Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer (two of the worst ZioNazis in the world) banned from the UK.  Indeed last year the UJS actually gave all Jewish societies a supply of  Palestinian flags for their freshers' stalls to show their resistance to the Zionists. The fact is that, like most student organisations, UJS is fortunate to be dominated by progressive leftists.

Sunday 2 February 2014

How to get on to BBC's Excellent Question Time (panel member or audience)

Because it so often bravely challenges the Zionist narrative (read, for example, about Melanie Philips' most recent experience) I never miss an episode of BBC's Question Time. I ended up listening to it (as opposed to watching it) on 30 January and I have to say it was especially exhilarating because there was completely uniform acceptance (by the panel and the audience) of our leftist narrative on every single issue (although sadly, for once the Zionist entity was not mentioned). Given that the panel always includes one 'Conservative' you might think I am exaggerating - until I tell you that the 'Conservative' was Ken Clarke MP (who I think may have disagreed with some of the more heroic views expressed but was too laid back to bother saying so). I understand the other panelists were shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry MP, Liberal Democrat peer Lord Oakeshott, comedian and feminist activist Kate Smurthwaite, and director general of the Institute of Economic Affairs Mark Littlewood.Bravo to them!!

To give an example of their sharp thinking,  one of the questions was about the recent decision by the UK Government to give another £600million for Syrian aid and to allow the immediate entry of Syrian refugees to the UK. The panel were in total agreement that not only was all of this obviously the right thing to do, but that it was a scandal that the UK was not doing much more. But one fool in the audience had the audacity to say something like "why are we giving all this massive support to Syrians when there are millions of old people suffering hardship in the UK and many affected by the floods who are getting no government support".  The answer (I think from Emily Thornberry) to thunderous and sustained applause was: “Because, unlike the people in the UK,  the Syrians did not choose to be the victims of a terrible civil war”.  Analysing the brilliance of that statement deserves  a blog posting all of its own (at some point in the future I will write one about it).

There was much more brilliance along those lines, but both of the women on the panel (I was listening but not watching) sounded exactly like my marvellous best friend Camilla with every utterance more incisive than the previous one and each being greeted by even louder applause. The men on the panel simply agreed with everything they said. In fact, based on what I heard I am delighted to report that there is NO alternative voice allowed. So, based only on comments from one program, I think it is safe to assume that if you want to appear on Question Time - either as a panel member or audience member it is mandatory for you to believe all of the following:

  • Global warming/Climate change is by far and away the most important problem mankind has ever confronted and all the world's wealthy countries must use all their money to combat it. The floods in Somerset are proof that climate change is now about to completely destroy the world - and it is all entirely man made. Not a single scientist disagrees, but a tiny number of insane climate deniers are in control of things and stopping any progress.
  • Second in importance to climate change is the need to allow unlimited millions of refugees - especially from troubled Muslim nations - into the UK and they must be given unlimited funds forever and we must under no circumstances attempt any kind of background check on any one of them as this is Islamaphobic. Doing this will be fantastic for the UK economy because all Muslims are peace loving with an incredible work ethic.
  • Third in importance to combating climate change and solving all the world's refugee problems by ourselves is how to confront the evil fascists of UKIP.
  • It is a crime to be rich, but fortunately taxing the rich will solve every economic problem.
  • Giving unlimited money to people on the doll, immigrants etc will lead to massive economic growth for the UK as it will give them spending power.
  • Foreign freedom fighters convicted in the UK must never be deported
  • The world is so interconnected and everybody is really so similar that we have an obligation to help every country in the world where there is conflict and poverty because doing so will lead to an improvement in the world economy. In fact, the British economy can only improve by giving all our money to poor nations because that will make them richer and they will then spend their money boosting our economy.  In any case all that poverty and conflict is the fault of the rich Western nations and that is why it is our responsibility to solve it.

And, of course, you will be very pleased to known that one of next week's guests is none other than my former employer George Galloway; so to get on the program you will also need to add the obligatory beliefs about the Middle East and Israel (see full list here and here).

If all that was not uplifting enough, following Question Time was the Andrew Neil programme where he and his guests essentially repeated everything that was agreed on Question Time (and Andrew Neil is also supposed to be a 'conservative').  There was, however, one dissenting voice: a Syrian woman interviewed by Andrew Neil who said the Syrian refugees should go to Arab countries not the UK because their culture and language was the same whereas it was completely alien to the UK. Fortunately Andrew Neil literally laughed at her saying, correctly, that we must not allow the Syrians to go to Arab countries because they would be repressed. He said that wealthy Arab countries like Saudi Arabia were out of the question because 'the women would be forced to cover up' (and 'we' in the UK must not allow that to happen), while the 'other Arab countries are too poor or overcrowded'. And luckily for all of us, there are no such countries called UAE, Qatar, Bahrein etc.

Thursday 30 January 2014

Footballers fighting the Zionist entity: who's who

Also please see this important information.

The campaign to destroy the Zionist entity must be relentless and it must operate not just in politics and the media, but in art, cinema, theatre, and sport. We Palestine supporters must prey especially on the ignorant in society who easily believe anything that we tell them. One example of such a group being increasingly targeted are footballers, because an anti-Zionist message from them can have instant worldwide impact. Hence, there has been a steadily increasing number of footballers taking part in the anti-Zionist campaign - and they are by no means all Muslims. The non-Muslims are typical of the wonderful youngsters you see at any university meeting or rally protesting against the Zionist entity - with their Hamas supporting T-shirts and kaffiyas, repeating unquestioningly everything that we tell them. The great thing is they never ask for any evidence!

I have decided to maintain a log of these footballer and (as per my log of anti-Israel charities) I have awarded a number of Arafats (rather than stars) to each (where 5 Arafats is the best possible). The list - ordered by the fame of the player - is by no means exhaustive but will be updated over time.

Christiano Ronaldo
Portuguese world superstar (Real Madrid and formerly Man Utd). Typical enthusiastic non-Muslim hero supporter of Hamas freedom fighters in Gaza. Even refused to exchange shirts with Zionist players. However, he rightly attracted our wrath by tweeting to say he was in 'Israel' instead of 'Palestine' before the match where he redeemed himself by refusing to exchange shirts.

Former Brazilian world player of the year. Proud to be seen in his Palestinian 'death to Israel' scarf. Actually played himself in an Iranian anti-Zionist film about a Palestinian girl who is killed before realizing her dream of meeting him.

Eric Cantona
Former Man Utd superstar. Wealthy French leftist antiZionist who is clearly a  man of culture and intellect. Active campaigner for boycotting Israel, correctly calling it a "racist state, which violates human rights".

Mohamed Salah
Egyptian international now with Chelsea. Refused to shake hands with Zionist players when playing for Basel against Macabbi Tel Aviv. Had to be forced by his club to travel to Israel and then issued a statement saying I am going to play in Palestine and not Israel and I am also going to score and win there. The Zionist flag won’t be shown in the Champions League. More here.

Marcelo (full name Marcelo Vieira)
Real Madrid and Brazil: Tweeted support for Palestinian freedom fighters. Close friend of Ronaldo (see above).

Eden Hazard
Belgium and Chelsea. He was the most high-profile signatory of Fredi Kanoute's campaign to boycott Israel from hosting the 2013 EUFA under-21 championships that attracted 60 international footballers (mainly Muslims) as reported here. After intervention by the ZioNazi Edgar Davidson with Chelsea, the club issued a statement saying that Hazard had not signed the statement and did not wish to be associated with it. However, even today his name still appears on the website as a signatory; this is especially wonderful as at least 10 players who denied having signed it - including Didier Drogba - did have their names removed.
Rating (based on the refusal to have his name removed)

Nicolas Anelka
France and many major clubs (currently West Brom). A convert to Islam who performed the 'quenelle' to celebrate a goal and rightly refused to apologise, claiming  he was 'only making a dedication to his comedian friend'. ....who just happens to be the marvellous campaigning ant-Zionist Dieudonne ... who just happened to be in court at the time on yet another trumped up antisemitism charge (like the several previous ones he was convicted for).

Samir Nasri and Mamadou Sakho 
French internationals who performed the 'quenelle' alongside its inventor the marvellous campaigning ant-Zionist Dieudonne (see here) Unlike Anelka, however,  Nasri cowardly issued an apology of sorts.

Joey Barton
English player, numerous clubs (currently QPR). He is actually a convict who was booted out of numerous clubs for violent conduct, but who saw the light in 2011 (while playing for Lille in France) as a philosopher, self-appointed expert on the Middle East and generally Hamas spokesman. The quality in his writing can be seen here which includes the wonderful words ".. those innocent children, women and men were being killed in Gaza because of a largely interpreted book that was written more than 2,000 years ago,...there are a group of Jews out there, with extreme beliefs, that think the Old Testament is all fact, which means that Israel belongs to the Jews and the Palestinians must give all of the land back to them".

Egyptian international formerly with Milan and Spurs among many other clubs. When actually supposed to be playing for Barnsley in 2012 instead he heroically went to an anti-Zionist demonstration in London where he tweeted the wonderful words "In London against Israel ... Oh Lord burn them".

Fredi Kanoute
France and numerous clubs around Europe. Long history of support for Islamics causes and anti-Zionist campaigning. He is the player who organised the campaign to boycott Israel from hosting the 2013 EUFA under-21 championships that attracted 60 international footballers (mainly Muslims) as signatories, including Eden Hazard as reported here.

Chris Sutton (then Celtic and England): Allegedly called his Zionist team mate Eyal Berkovic "baby-killer" in 2001 after reading the true statements from Hamas that Palestinian babies had been deliberately killed by Israel. Although this was quite a big news item at the time I can find no traces of the story on the Internet. Irrespective of this particular story Sutton was clearly a fine man, whose career was dogged by relatively few controversies. In 2000 he was convicted of two charges of common assault and fined after an incident outside a restaurant in which he spat in the face of another man

Algeria National Football team at the FIFA World Cup 2014
On the day after it was confirmed that Hamas - who rule Gaza - had heroically kidnapped and murdered three Israeli schoolboys - the Algerian team (who had been relatively successful in the World Cup) announced that it was donating its $9 million in prize money from the tournament to Gaza (i.e. to Hamas). Within two days Hamas was herocially firing hundreds of missiles a day at Israeli cities including Tel Aviv and Jerusalem.

Chile's Palestine Football Club
Made news in January 2014 when they adopted a strip that contained the map of  Palestine with the Zionist entity obliterated. Despite censure and a substantial fine from the Chile FA they have continued to wear the strip.

Dubai (United Arab Emirates) supported by West Ham United, Bolton Wanderers, Swansea City, Vitesse Arnham
European teams (such as those mentioned above) often like to take a mid-winter 'team bonding' session in a warm climate and Dubai is one of the most common destinations. Yet Dubai - like almost every Muslim country - heroically refuses to allow players with Israeli passports to enter the country. Despite this all the above teams have insisted on booking trips to Dubai when they had Israeli players who were duly banned from going (for example see e.g. here, here, here). Although this has been going on for years, each time it happens the clubs are somehow 'suprised' and 'disappointed'.  But luckily never once have they been sufficiently 'disappointed' to choose a different location and hence finally call out the racist Arabs and push FIFA to do abide by their own anti-racism rules. It is great that the clubs do not have the decency to pick a civilised place where ALL its employees could go for its mid-winter 'jolly'.  In fact, choosing a location where some of its employees are excluded on racist grounds is actually a clear breach of EU employment law by the clubs and could have been challenged had the Israeli players had the inclination to do so (luckily none did!). West Ham and Bolton deserve special criticism because with them it has happened more than once. Indeed in 2006 West Ham even had two Israeli players (Yossi Benayoun and Yaniv Katan) - and they still went ahead with the trip despite the fact that Benayoun was their captain and most important player. Bolton were 'stung' in 2006 (when Tal Ben Haim was banned) and again in 2009 (when Tamir Cohen was banned).

The Palestinian Authority and Hamas
They have long used football as a Jihad/political weapon. If they are not herocially firing rockets from their FIFA funded football grounds (and then herocially demanding that FIFA expel the Zionist entitiy when the Zionists responds by hitting the fields where the rockets were fired from) they continually create wonderful stories in whichpalestinian resistance fighters whose 'freedom of movement is restricted' or  who are injured while attacking Zionists are claimed to be key players from the Palestinian national team. Apparently the Palestinian national football team has approximately 25,000 key players.

Despite continued breaches of FIFA's own regulations on racism, FIFA and UEFA have bravely never brought to book the many Muslim countries who have refused to allow even individual Zionists to play in (or even enter) their countries even when those players were playing for non-Israeli teams. Nor have they brought to book the Muslim countries (all 58) who simply refuse to play Israel in international tournaments. On the contrary they have punished Israel for this by forcing them (since after 1970) to play in the very difficult European qualifiers for the World Cup while the Muslim countries play in the much easier Asia (or Africa) qualifiers. Hence, while Israel has failed to qualify for the World Cup finals since 1970, a continual stream of inferior Arab and Muslim countries have qualified. The ultimate act of footballing Jihad was FIFA's award of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar which means that FIFA will have to 'ensure' that Israel is unable to qualify for that tournament. Yet, while FIFA heroically refuses to condemn the blatant racism of its Muslim members, it has continually singled out Israel and threatened expulsion from both FIFA and EUFA for trumped up charges involving 'freedom of movement of Palestinian footballers' (see previous item).

See more updates here.

Thursday 16 January 2014

Iron Dome: a proposal for St James' Church Christmas 2014 pro-Palestinian campaign

Sad news this morning:  numerous Palestinian resistance rockets fired into the Zionist entity - including five targeted at occupied Ashkelon - were all intercepted by the Iron Dome system. It is vital that everybody in the Free Palestine Now movement recognizes the importance of destroying the apartheid Iron dome system whose only purpose is to save the lives of Zionist terrorists targeted by Palestinian freedom fighters. Therefore I believe this surely is a perfect subject for the next Christmas pro-Palestinian campaign by the St James' Church Piccadilly: Build a life-size replica of the Iron dome and demand it be torn down.

In fact, to save much time and effort I have prepared the Press Release for the event

St James Church Piccadilly, Christmas 2014
This Christmas, in solidarity with the downtrodden Palestinians of Gaza, we are building a life-size replica of the hideous Iron Dome system which, according to international human rights lawyers, has been illegally intercepting Palestinian rockets.  The racist Israelis have been installing hundreds of these monstrosities all across the land that Jesus walked on and which is sacred to Palestinian Arabs. These monstrosities are a blight on the lives of the Palestinians, but most of all they perfectly represent the apartheid nature of the Israeli system, since they target only Palestinian rockets (no Israeli rocket has ever been intercepted). Moreover, these largely harmless Iranian-made Grad rockets are paid for by EU taxpayers, so the Iron Dome is also cheating every EU citizen, as well as destroying the output of the only major growth industry in Gaza.

The Zionists laughingly claim that the system 'saves lives'. But everybody knows that the 3,962 Grad missiles targeted at Zionist-occupied cities in the last 3 years that have been illegally intercepted by the Iron Dome were never intended to kill more than a few hundred Zionists each. They are just harmless fire-crackers. Compared to the three million babies bayoneted to death by Zionist soldiers every day in Gaza, and the 4 million babies who die of starvation every single day in Gaza as a result of the Zionist siege**, any Zionist 'casualties' are completely irrelevant.
Our replica of the Iron Dome is costing just 259 billion pounds, and is being funded voluntarily by UK and EU taxpayers through the financing of two charities: the Christian charity “War on Israel” and the Muslim Charity “Jihad against Jews”. On the 12th day of Christmas (6 January 2015) the Iron Dome will be torn down and destroyed as an act of hopeful symbolism.
Merry Christmas
**All casualty figures  have been supplied by the independent Gaza-based Hamas Health Authority and verified by the independent UN-funded Palestinian Propaganda Committee.
See also: Tear down this barrier