Sunday 24 July 2011

Expansionist Israel

We in the Free Palestine movement have been keen to push the following maps that show how Israel has been constantly stealing Arab lands.

But these maps are a complete lie. They totally misrepresent the scale of Israel's expansionism. The true maps, which I strongly recommend are reproduced for all future rallies to confront the Zionists, are the following:

Also, it is very important to understand the massive scale of Israel in relation to its tiny Arab and Muslim neighbours:


  1. Wow

    I never realised before how truly massive an threatening Israel really is.

    George Galloway

  2. Okay, I enjoyed the trick played on me, but now let's get down to facts:

    A. Oslo accords signed in 1993. 2000 marks the outbreak of violence and the return of Israeli forces to West Bank towns which the IDF left after the Oslo Accords.

    B. Oslo accords included a principle of "Gaza and Jericho first", so you can't really mark Oslo on the map without marking Gaza, only for the sake of having a gradual progress of withdrawal that includes 2005. You might also want to think how could Israel withdraw from Gaza strip after the Oslo Accords, and still be able to evacuate settlements more than a decade later (clue: withdrawal of Oslo accords is not as impressive as scale shown on map).

    C. The final map seems to confuse the Israeli-Arab conflict with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. My own (abbreviated) take on it: in former, Israel is in the right.